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The Columbia's legendary engineering delivers maximum reliability, durability and efficiency in the traditional truck for the 21st Century. The aerodynamic styling of the Columbia reduces wind resistance and provides excellent fuel economy, and with its lightweight design, you can haul more payload. Available in a 112” or 120” BBC with 7 Day Cab/SleeperCab configurations, the Columbia can be customized to meet the needs of your business. With great fuel economy, ease of maintenance and overall lower cost per mile, the Columbia makes efficiency quite attractive, especially when you combine it with Detroit Diesel's BlueTec emissions system.

Introducing the Corner Office
The comfortable, ergonomic layout of the Columbia’s cab makes driving much easier. A wrap-around dash, mounted low for increased visibility, features backlit instruments that are easy to read, day or night. The 21-setting air conditioning and heating system is within easy reach and provides optimum climate control for the driver. Columbia cabs provide maximum space and comfort. Designed with lots of storage for personal items and other comfort features, drivers feel more at home on the road.

Features and Benefits

Building on decades of experience, Freightliner set out to take durability, reliability and ease of maintenance to a new level for the 21st century. Maybe that's why the Columbia was purchased by more fleets than any other Class 8 truck in the industry last year. More small and large fleets are turning to the Columbia for features like the aerodynamic design that not only offers a better-handling truck with greater visibility, but improved fuel economy as well. There's no doubt, the Columbia will stand up to miles and miles of use and keep delivering bottom line results.

Improved Cab

The lightweight, aluminum cab offers a number of features including an improved door seal for reduced noise, an optional passenger-side sleeper door for easier access and a hingeless baggage door that’s larger than the opening for full compartment access.

Power Distribution Module

The Power Distribution Module is located in the dash, directly in front of the passenger seat, for quick access to fuses.

Engine Accessibility

The hood tilts to a 90-degree angle, providing easy access to the engine compartment. See-through fluid reservoirs provide an easy check and the inner quarter fenders are engineered to help keep road splash, spray and contaminants away from the engine, without limiting engine access.

Getting There with Cleaner Air

Freightliner is committed to meeting and exceeding the EPA Smartway voluntary specification that boost fuel economy and cut emissions. Cut your fuel costs with aerodynamic features like high roof, tractor, and fuel tank fairings, plus a 2007 model-year engine. The EPA estimates these, along with a pledge to end idling and using low-resistance tires can slash fuel consumption by 10-20 percent.

  • Headlight bulbs are easily accessible and can be replaced in minutes without the use of tools. The bulbs are also standard size for ease of availability and cost efficiency.
  • The two-piece curved windshield allows for partial replacement, provides greater visibility and is sloped at an optimum 24-degree angle to reduce drag and fuel costs.
  • The aerodynamic molded bumper reduces drag while its three-piece design minimizes repair costs by allowing individual section replacement.
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