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Diesel Engine DD15

Demand It All
Fuel economy or pulling power? Don't choose. The DD15™ gets up to 5% better fuel economy than the Series 60®. It is able to do this with snappier acceleration and up to 50 “bonus” horsepower. But don't take our word for it.

All Purr, No Rattle

The DD15 is all purr: it's unlike any other engine you've ever heard. The multi-injection event capability of the ACRS system enables combustion rate shaping, which in turn makes the DD15 quieter in the cab and on the road. Combined with the stiff engine block that reduces noise vibration and harshness, it's a quiet ride. Because you want to feel the power, not hear the power for 10 hours a day.

Up to “Bonus” HP with Turbo Compounding

Get an extra kick of up to 50 “bonus” horsepower without spending an extra drop of fuel. It's called turbo compounding, and no other engine in North America has it. It works by converting a little heated exhaust, and feeding its power straight into the drivetrain. And that extra kick increases fuel mileage up to 5% at road loads.

The Widest Torque Curve in the Industry
The DD15 flat-out pulls. It's got a torque curve as wide as Wyoming; the power's there all the time so you won't be grabbing around for gears on little hills or gusty highways. And down at 1,000 RPM, it'll still push you back into your seat. That means you'll get a punch off the line.

Reducing engine rpm will increase your fuel economy, but you need to increase torque to maintain equivalent performance. Detroit Diesel's multi-torque options allow customers to save money by lowering engine RPM and maintain performance with a multi-torque rating. Multi-torque can be spec'd to engage in cruise control and/or the top two gears of many of the transmissions offered in the DD15.

The Turbo Compounding Boost
That was the case before the DD15™. Now, with turbo compounding technology, you can have the best of both worlds. Detroit Diesel's turbo compounding system saves fuel without sacrificing power, making it the best way to battle today’s soaring fuel prices.
Your DD15 gets the turbo compounding effect by using hot exhaust (which is normally thrown away) to turn a turbine wheel that boosts your engine’s power. This lets you squeeze more energy out of your engine, and leaves you with a smaller fuel bill.
But the really amazing part is that turbo compounding also delivers up to 50 “bonus” horsepower. When you burn less fuel and get more power, can you really say no?

B50 Life: 1.2 million miles
North America has some mean roads, from the scorching blacktop of the southeast to the frozen mountaintops of the Rockies. We design our engines to run through it all with minimal maintenance. The B50 life — an engineering term that means the point at which half of the engines are still running and half require rebuild — of a Detroit Diesel engine is 1.2 million miles. That’s the highest in the heavy duty industry, and it means you should expect the same workhorse effort out of the DD15™ that you got out of the bulletproof Series 60®.

Go Farther Between Servicing

To run farther between oil drains (50,000 miles for long-haul), we increased the size of the oil pan to 44 quarts, as well as the size of the oil filter. And changing the filter is fast: it’s an environmentally friendly cartridge style within arm’s reach.

Horsepower455–560 HP
Torque1550–1850 LBFT
WarrantyEngine: 2 year, unlimited miles.
Major Components: 5 year, 500,000 miles.

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